SunRay Grandby 3 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna
SunRay Grandby 3 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna
SunRay Grandby 3 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna
SunRay Grandby 3 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna

SunRay Grandby 3 Person Outdoor Infrared Sauna

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SunRay's Grandby outdoor infrared sauna has deep bench seating on each side and comfortably seats 3 people. Eight ceramic heaters will quickly get the sauna to your desired temperature. Perfectly sized for backyards and/or patios, the natural Canadian Hemlock Wood will enhance any outdoor setting with its smooth and appealing look. Standard features include movable ergonomic backrests for maximum comfort, an oxygen ionization system for purifying the air, recessed interior lighting, FM radio w/CD and MP3, cup holders, and more.

All SunRay sauna kits are shipped with the homeowner in mind and can be easily assembled in under an hour thanks to the laser-cut tongue and groove construction. Orders placed Monday - Thursday will be shipped the following day, while orders placed on Friday or Saturday will ship the following Monday.



An infrared sauna features a similar design to a traditional sauna, where you’re also seated in a room lined with wood, such as Canadian Hemlock or Cedar. However, one of the biggest differences of infrared saunas is that these wood-lined rooms are heated using infrared technology rather than a heater covered with rocks.

In an infrared sauna, an emitter produces infrared waves to provide heat in the sauna. Additionally, you can use the room sooner, as the infrared heats the body directly as opposed to heating the space. The temperatures are not quite as hot as traditional saunas either (120 to 150 degrees F), allowing users to opt-in for longer sessions. Though infrared saunas have lower temperatures, users will still feel the heat as the method of heating the body is different than with traditional saunas. Rather than heating the air, infrared energy will directly heat your body. Infrared sauna users will still sweat profusely from the infrared energy that penetrates the body and raises the body core temperature. Infrared sauna bathers can begin bathing as soon as the sauna is turned on, as opposed to waiting 45 minutes for a traditional sauna to heat up.

Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived, and ready for whatever the day may bring. Core benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Arteries dilate, improving blood flow throughout the body and relaxing tight or overworked muscles and aches.
  • The production of white blood cells is stimulated, strengthening the immune system.
  • Toxins are flushed out through the skin’s pores, cleansing the skin and allowing you to come out feeling stronger, healthier, and in better balance.
  • Time-friendly. There’s no waiting for an infrared sauna to heat up, so you can easily enjoy its benefits anytime.
  • Planet-friendly. Even with daily use, Infrared technology uses as little or less electricity than many other common household appliances.


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