Do saunas really improve your cardiovascular health? Dr. Rhonda Patrick chimes in on the Joe Rogan Experience!

Do saunas really improve your cardiovascular health? 

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PHD, an American biochemist spoke on this on Joe Rogan's infamous Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Paraphrasing, Dr. Patrick talked about how sauna bathing mimics moderate exercise and could potentially be a huge breakthrough for people who are sedentary that still need to improve their cardiovascular health. It's a no brainer that with better cardiovascular health there is a tremendous decrease in developing heart disease and other issues that plague so many Americans. With this information my analysis is that sauna bathing could be the next pillar to living a healthy - and longer - life!

Sauna use will undoubtedly continue to be on the rise as we aim to improve our cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, circulation, and so much more. With this in mind, Saunaify was made to deliver these health benefits through our luxury assosrtment of the best  in-home sauna manufactures to help every home inch closer to a healthier lifestyle. We will continue to add value through our blogs to educate the masses on the countless benefits of sauna bathing. Soon, in-home saunas will be the "new normal." This is why we Saunaify!

Ps - check out the clip here.